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2012-10-17 12:03

The street name plates of Hampshire are getting a facelift thanks to national civil engineering contractor JPCS.

2012-10-17 11:58

The Building & Engineering Services Association issued its response to the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s framework for the future of heating.

2012-10-03 11:39

Carbon monoxide kills by stealth and it thrives thanks to a combination of ignorance and the unscrupulous, but with awareness and vigilance this deathly spectre can be driven from the nation’s homes

2012-10-03 11:28

Polypipe Terrain’s Rainwater Harvesting national sales manager Darren Crane looks at how new innovations in rainwater capture and re-use are helping architects, contractors and developers to boost their environmental credentials and significantly reduce a building’s water usage

2012-09-19 10:35

A unique course that has trained thousands of construction professionals in the vital arts of repairing and renovating old buildings will return this autumn.

2012-09-19 10:27

A new report has put the case for bringing the national rail network back under public ownership, claiming it could save taxpayers around £1bn a year. B&E takes a look.

2012-09-18 14:22

Mabey Hire has worked in conjunction with two of its customers to launch two new products which increase site health and safety, improve project productivity and reduce man hours.

2012-09-11 15:23

Water ingress can be a significant risk factor for underground cable installations but innovative DOYMA technology from Germany can be used to address that risk.

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