News Telford Mayor Officially Opens Costa Eco Pod

A coffee shop featuring timber engineering in its design to create the UK’s first ‘zero energy’ retail outlet has been officially opened by the new Mayor of Telford.

Councillor Leon Murray formally opened Costa’s Eco Pod, built in Wrekin Retail Park to pioneer a range of sustainable technologies and construction methods.

Costa gathered its development partners, sustainability experts and the local community to thank those involved in the project and mark the success of the Eco Pod’s environmental performance – saving 54% of the energy used in a ‘conventional’ unit in its first month of trading.

The combination of sustainable technologies, smart architecture and intelligent use of building materials means the unit has achieved its target of balancing its energy consumption to be ‘zero energy’. The Eco Pod’s energy saving features include solar panels, which help to power the building, and passive ventilation which naturally manages the internal temperature, keeping it at suitable and pleasant levels for customers and staff alike.

“We have been delighted with the performance of our new Eco Pod unit in Telford,” said Oliver Rosevear, the retail chain’s energy and environment manager. “Our latest data indicates that so far the store has reduced its pure energy usage by 54%, compared to a ‘conventional’ unit– showing that the building is performing as planned. This success is helping us to learn more about sustainable building design which in the future could potentially be incorporated into our coffee shops and help shape the wider industry.

“At Costa reducing our impact on the environment is vital. That is why our Telford Eco Pod is a real milestone – showing that through effective partnerships we can make big steps toward positive change.

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“We would like to thank our development partner, Hammerson, for its progressive approach and sharing our vision, Telford & Wrekin Council which supported our application and of course our customers for making the Costa a thriving hub for the local community.”

Last week the Eco Pod received an A+ EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating, the highest band achievable (the UK average rating for an existing commercial unit is D).

“We are proud to host the first ‘zero energy’ Eco Pod building in the country right here in Telford,” said Councillor Murray, Mayor of the Borough of Telford and Wrekin. “Telford has a history of innovation and engineering, so we are delighted that we can continue this tradition and pave the way forward in sustainable design.”

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