News Seddon Construction Hires Poet

A golf day might have done for most, but Bolton-based Seddon Construction has commissioned Manchester poet Mike Garry to capture the story of the family-owned company from its foundation in 1897.

Jonathan Seddon, managing director of Seddon Construction, said: “We’re one of the construction industry’s biggest family-owned businesses and our history has made us what we are. We wanted to celebrate our past as well as capture the stories of the people working for the business today and are excited to have Mike working with us.”

Garry said: “I worked on building sites when I was a student and earlier with my dad and although it was good money the conditions could be pretty terrible. I’ve found Seddon to be quite a different kind of company – people on site are treated with respect and I’ve been welcomed with open arms. I’m particularly enjoying the banter and the chance to talk to the guys on site. I’m not there to pry, I’m emphasising the artistry in what they do – I firmly believe they are sculptors and painters, it’s just that their work is on show on a building site, rather than in a gallery.”

During the commission Mike performed his work at the company’s head office and held workshops as well as created his own library in the staff canteen with some of his own works plus poetry by writers such as Seamus Heaney, Paul Muldoon and Simon Armitage.

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