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The Building Research Establishment (BRE) and CIH Scotland have announced a collaboration on Energy Performance Certification (EPC) and learning services for the housing sector in Scotland.

BRE and the CIH Scotland have put in place a collaborative agreement for the development and delivery of learning opportunities for the housing sector in Scotland. The agreement also provides access for CIH’s energy assessors to the high quality EPC services provided by BRE.

“This initiative marks the beginning of an exciting chapter of co-operation between both organisations” said Mark Reid, CIH Scotland’s learning and development manager.

“Working with BRE, CIH Scotland intends to develop additional tangible benefits for both our existing and future energy assessors Access to BRE’s unrivalled knowledge base for all matters related to the built environment will also greatly assist the development of future learning opportunities for the housing sector.”

Dr. Stephen Garvin, BRE Scotland’s head of energy certification, added: “There is a genuine synergy between both organisations and a shared objective to operate for the public benefit. BRE can offer CIH members, and the housing sector, access to research that translates into practical solutions for housing problems.

“This collaboration with the CIH offers improved opportunities to engage with BRE and effectively meet the challenges set through legislation and increased customer demands.”

Although this initiative is in its early stages, both organisations are clear that there is a wide range of opportunities that could flow from this relationship.

Reid said: “BRE has unrivalled technical knowledge in construction matters and is at the leading edge of research in the field. CIH’s membership have a wide range of expertise in the social and private housing sectors. This collaboration can only enhance the development of learning and information services for the Scottish housing sector.”

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