News Report Calls Revolution Custom Built Housing

A new report from Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) has called for a custom-build revolution, claiming it can not only speed up the delivery of new housing but make them to cheaper to build.

The report, out today, urges local authorities to make better use of planning rules to help custom-build “flourish” by providing favourable planning permission.

Custom-build, as well as being faster and 15% cheaper than traditional methods, also has the potential to introduce a large number of plots into the UK homes market quickly, and allow SME builders to support large developers to increase total housing output.

Key points in MAB’s report include:

Custom build homes drastically reduce builders’ marketing and capital costs while presenting less risk to mortgage lenders Consumers are given greater input into their home’s design by new build, and are able to tailor it to their needs Current planning regime favours speculative new build activity by large developers

Custom build cuts buyers’ new build premium – encouraging lenders to finance new homes

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