News Property Industry Needs Radical New Relationship Communities

Property developers need a “radical” new relationship with local communities in order to deliver increased and better development, according to the findings of an independent inquiry.

The Land and Society Commission, which was established by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, said that the evidence it received highlighted a need to encourage greater cooperation between developers and residents, and to challenge the preconception that community involvement can hamper private sector investment.

It added that involving local residents from an early stage helps to ensure the final development is both more sustainable and of a higher specification.

The commission also recommended that the role of council planning officers be reassessed to move them “away from the town hall and into their local communities”.

Furthermore, it called on property developers to do more to help local authorities, housing associations and community groups to deliver large-scale housing programmes that would benefit from volume lending.

Land and Society Commission chairman Trevor Beattie said: “Developers and planners should not fear greater community involvement and accountability since this can speed up the planning and construction process, reduce risk and add considerable commercial value.”

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