News Political Leaders Commit Sustainability Agenda

Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey MP has pledged a £300million cash injection as part of a new Fuel Poverty Strategy.

Davey made the pledge as the Lib Deems made a manifesto pledge to spend more than £2bn a year on a “green homes revolution”.

The annoucement was made at Ecobuild, where Lord John Prescott called for cross-party and global unification to tackle the issue of Britain’s extreme weather.

Prescott said: “Sustainability is the new industrialisation and the ‘big key’ to a better type of economy that doesn’t poison the world.” He joined the debate to deliberate whether there is a need for a national environmental resilience plan. He said: “Three leaders agreeing [on climate change strategy] give us a good chance.”

Acting as a catalyst for change to sustainability policy and practice ahead of the general election, Ecobuild also hosted a cross-party political debate, as Davey joined Green Party leader Natalie Bennett to tackle the future for low-carbon electricity.

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