News Persimmon Homes Employee Carries Olympic Torch

A building materials buyer for Persimmon Homes carried the Olympic torch through Gateshead.

Bob Tingle, 60, revelled in the ‘most humbling experience of his life’ when he ran with the flame through his home town, where he has lived for 40 years.

He was nominated by his employer Persimmon Homes, who were offered one leg of the journey on behalf of official Olympic partners Lloyds Bank.

He said: “The run was one of the most uplifting, inspirational moments of my life and I enjoyed every minute.

“When I think of the amputees, charity workers and pillars of the community that also did the run, I feel so, so humble and so, so unworthy.

“I have been at Persimmon for 24 years and have always done my best. I feel I’ve gone the extra mile for my colleagues and for the business at all times. The board decided the honour would go to me, and I really savoured every minute of the moment.”

Tingle also said that he’d never contemplate selling his torch: “It will be something to hand down to generation after generation. I know some people have sold them and I can understand why in some situations, but I’ll be keeping it and treasuring it forever.”

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