News New Infrastructure Projects Set Drive Engineer Contractor Demand 2015

Investment in transport infrastructure will drive demand for contractors in engineering in the new year, according to an analysis by umbrella employment provider, giant group.

Results from the organisation’s latest study of its contractor base found that engineering professionals believe there will be an increase in opportunities in industries related to infrastructure such as transportation and construction in 2015.

Much of the demand is being fuelled by initiatives such as the £15billion ‘Road Investment Strategy’ that was unveiled by the Government earlier this month which aims to increase the capacity and improve the condition of roads across England. In addition to this, there are a number of ongoing projects such as the development of the Crossrail and HS2 train lines that are driving demand for engineering contractors.

As a result, many professionals are expecting to see their earnings rise. The giant group analysis found that 94% of its contractor database expects their earnings to increase or stay the same over the next twelve months, a rise of 3% year-on-year and indicative of heightened optimism.

Matthew Brown, managing director of giant group, said: “An investment in the road network is certainly worthwhile and should help to cement the future of this country as a global power. Contractors should benefit greatly from this commitment and the other ongoing projects that will improve domestic infrastructure and it’s extremely encouraging to see that they believe opportunities will increase over the next twelve months.”

“We predict demand will continue to rise as businesses and the Government feel increasingly confident about investing in the future. This will surely lead to more and more large-scale projects being commissioned which will greatly benefit contractors whose niche skills are likely to be in continued demand.”

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