News Hanson Uk Seek School Leavers Join Its Apprenticeship Scheme

In an effort to address the crippling skills shortage in the construction sector and to mark National Apprenticeship Week, Hanson UK is looking for school leavers to join its apprenticeship scheme.

The building materials firm’s Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) programme offers the first steps towards a rewarding and varied career in the minerals sector, as well as the chance to secure valuable industry qualifications.

Hanson’s learning and development manager Karen Wright said: “Our LEAD programme, first launched in 2012, has proved to be an ideal launching pad for a successful career.

“We now have former LEAD programme participants employed across the business in a diverse range of roles from cement process engineer and kiln production engineer to assistant quarry manager.

“Earning while you learn is a fast-track way of gaining experience and qualifications without accumulating the debt now associated with traditional university courses. Plus, on completion, you have a ready-made career with Hanson, on which you are already a few rungs up the ladder.”

LEAD participant, Fiona Bradshaw, who is in her first year added: “I have really enjoyed the combination of site experience and self-development that forms the basis of the programme and value the support received from my mentor and from others across the business.

“It’s great to know that on finishing LEAD, not only will I have a Foundation degree and no debt, but I will also have three years’ of work under my belt – plus the option to secure a BSc in Minerals Management, also funded by Hanson.”

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