News Government Wants Closer Working Relationship Engineers

The government has called on the engineering community to help form a more collaborative working process, which would help to secure the transport infrastructure that the country needs.

Speaking this week to the Institute of Civil Engineers, transport minister, Stephen Hammond highlighted the importance of building upon our nation’s existing transport infrastructure to help boost growth across the UK.

“Transport is central to the coalition strategy to growth, helping UK businesses to be more productive, rebalancing our economy and enabling the UK to compete in the global race,” he said.

But Hammond stressed that the “government cannot overcome challenges alone”.

Adding:” We need to continue our discussion with industry, academics and wider society to secure that the transport infrastructure that the UK needs and deserves.”

In his speech, the transport minister also recognised the difficulties many firms are facing in the current climate, highlighting the challenge of how to meet rising demand for mobility whilst reducing costs and improving services.

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