News General Ucatt Calls For Gangmaster Act Extension 4368

Construction union UCATT is renewing its call for the Gangmasters Act to be extended to construction.The call follows an investigation by The Observer which revealed that workers on the East London line extension were being exploited.

The Observer discovered that a group of workers employed for a period of a year on the East London Line extension were being paid £50 a day, far below industry minimum rates.

Alan Ritchie, general secretary of UCATT, said: “The level of exploitation occurring on the East London Line was outrageous. It is very disturbing that this level of abuse went unchecked for such a long time. The highly fragmentated nature of the construction industry allows principal contractors, to turn a blind eye, about the working conditions on their sites.”

UCATT have long campaigned for the extension of the Gangmasters Licensing Act to cover the construction industry. If the Act were extended Gangmasters and employment agencies could only supply labour once they had met a series of minimum conditions.

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