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Carbon reduction will not be achieved unless more is done to support small to medium-sized building contractors.According to Simon Lovell-Jones, director at National Federation of Builders Cymru, efforts to improve sustainability in the building trade are largely being placed on major projects at the expense of helping micro businesses.

He said, “Small to medium-sized contractors make up 90% of the construction industry, but as things stand not enough has been done to encourage them with regards to carbon reduction. We need far more carrots and far fewer sticks.

“Small builders now face a 25% increase in the costs of lawfully disposing of their waste. What should be happening is that the infrastructure to support recycling and waste utilisation is developed. Also, assistance can be given to companies handling and supplying recycled goods.

“There are many excellent examples of projects and incentives – such as favourable taxation terms for recycled aggregates – and we would rather see more of these than more taxes.”

Lovell-Jones was appearing before the Welsh Assembly’s sustainability committee.

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