News Crest Nicholson Operations Ltd Fined £800000 After Worker Sustains Life Changing Injuries

Construction firm Crest Nicholson Operations Ltd has been fined £800,000 after a contractor suffered life changing injuries when he was run over by a delivery vehicle while working on the Mulberry Grove housing development in Wokingham.

Site foreman David Cole, contracted to Harlequin Brickwork Ltd, was walking along the nearside of the large bulk powder carrier as it pulled forward and turned towards the nearside. He was struck by and pulled under the vehicle sustaining serious injuries to his left hand, arm and leg.

Cole also required a pin to be inserted in his left hip after it was fractured in the incident, which took place on December 7, 2014.

His left leg has been left permanently 20mm shorter than his right.

Reading Crown Court heard the site, run by Surrey-based principal contractor, Crest Nicholson Operations Ltd, had failed to plan and manage the workplace transport effectively.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuting told the court the incident could have been avoided had they monitored and taken action to ensure workers stayed behind the pedestrian barriers and not walked on the road, and prevented large HGVs reversing 100s of metres at a time.

Crest Nicholson Operations Ltd, of Crest House, Pyrcroft Road, Chertsey, Surrey, pleaded guilty to breaches of Regulation 36 (1) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 and was fined £800,000 plus £10,984 costs.

HSE’s inspector John Berezansky said: “David Cole suffered life changing injuries because Crest Nicolson Operations Limited did not properly manage and monitor the workplace transport on their construction site.

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“When working with such large delivery vehicles and construction plant, especially on projects where there are lots of pedestrians, the principal contractor much take responsibility and ensure the health and safety of all those involved.”

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