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CITB-ConstructionSkills’ Inspire scholarship scheme, which aims to recruit the very best undergraduates into the industry, has been confirmed for 2011 and will offer funding to enable 100 scholars to join the industry.

The scholarships, which began as a pilot in 2005 to attract the very best undergraduates into the construction industry, have been a huge success over the years and CITB-ConstructionSkills is committed to supporting the programme into the future.

Sponsorship for each scholar is now up to £1,000 per student, per year over a maximum 3 years. This funding is then matched by the sponsoring employer.

The programme offers students an opportunity to get a valuable insight into the reality of working in the construction sector through industry placements and employer mentoring, while employers benefit from a shortcut to the best graduate talent available.

Anyone interested in applying has until 31 May. See details or phone 0300 456 5033.

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