News Construction Company Interserve Named Among Top Five Highways England Suppliers

Highways England has named Interserve as one of its top five contractors in its latest supplier assessment.

The body charged with operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major roads awarded the construction company a Strategic Alignment Review Toolkit (StART) score of 130, placing the firm fifth out of 22 major contractors and consultants.

The StART system, which rates the highway supply chain, runs in parallel with Highways England’s Collaborative Delivery Framework (CDF). The framework enables works and professional engineering design services to be delivered on Highways England’s strategic road network.

Highways England said Interserve’s high StART score reflects how closely aligned the company is to its own values and objectives. The company has allocated an associate director to lead on each of the six areas for which the StART system rates organisations: leadership, collaboration, supply chain, delivering value, diversity and inclusion and sustainability.

In the area of diversity and inclusion, Interserve’s StART score was the highest awarded of all the organisations assessed. Highways England said the fact that the company was the first contractor to achieve ‘Investors in Diversity’ accreditation contributed to its high score.

A key aspect of the company’s alignment with the values of Highways England involves its industry-leading SustainAbilities strategy, which puts sustainability at the heart of the company’s overall business approach. Interserve was also praised for achieving BS11000 certification in collaborative business relationships and for demonstrating innovation in each of the six areas on which it was scored.

Interserve’s managing director for infrastructure, Chris Tyerman, said: “This impressive StART score and Highways England ranking are testimony to the many years of experience in infrastructure projects that Interserve has, and to the investments we have made in our construction techniques and systems, including the use of advanced BIM and drone technology.”

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