News Building Greener Homes Gets Cheaper Every Year

Building new homes to greener, low-carbon standards is getting cheaper every year, according to a new report published by Communities Minister Andrew Stunell.

The new research, based on interviews with developers and the latest information about environmental technologies, shows the overall extra costs of building new homes to standards set in the Code for Sustainable Homes is falling year on year.
For homes built to Code level 3 standards, average extra costs have fallen by almost three quarters in the last three years – falling from £4,458 in 2008 to £1,128 in 2010.

Andrew Stunell said:
“Building greener homes is vital if we are to meet our nation’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change – so today’s report is good news for the entire country. The progress that has been made does not only benefit developers building Code-standard homes, it also provides valuable lessons ahead of the transition to building new homes to zero carbon standards from 2016.

“As a country we still have lot of work to do to reduce carbon emissions from new development, but what these figures show us is that as the construction industry continues to build more sustainable homes, there is further potential for the costs associated building greener homes to continue falling”.

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