News 92 Women Engineering Feel Their Gender Has Held Back Career Progression

Engineering and manufacturing are the industries rated worst by women and working mothers for gender equality, according to a new report from Talking Talent.

92% of women working in engineering and manufacturing say their gender has hindered their career progression, or will in future, with the majority citing a male dominated environment as a key reason.

Only 74% of female professionals working in the sectors feel supported – the lowest amount of any profession.
Women in engineering and manufacturing are also least positive about their employer’s ability to retain female talent.

Chris Parke, CEO of Talking Talent said, “While some sectors are doing better than others, it is clear that UK employers need to do more to ensure strategies to support women are being properly accepted and implemented at the operational level.

“At the same time, employers need to promote a culture where professional women are comfortable voicing concerns about barriers to their careers. The level of prejudice and discrimination towards women and working mothers, and the fact such a large proportion have been passed over for promotion due to their gender is shocking.

“If employers fail to stamp this out and to introduce measures to support women particularly through maternity, employers will miss out on a huge section of their top talent – something they can ill-afford to do in today’s competitive economy.”

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