Nibe Heat Pumps: Does It Get Any Better?

Heat pumps are a growing choice of people across the globe to maintain heating and cooling at home. But in the 21st century, comfort comes with a price. Heat pumps are obviously a great choice considering they don’t use the combustion process to generate heat, whether it is for your home or commercial space.

So it is important to pick a company that guarantees reliability, sustainability while being environmentally friendly. And who better than the Swedes for the job! That’s where Nibe heat pumps come in.

It is a Swedish company and seeing as the country has the highest number of heat pumps per capita, you can rest assured that they know a thing or two about the industry.

This equipment is the result of almost 70 years of research on domestic heating while keeping energy conservation and eco-friendliness in mind. Their heat pumps take heat from the air or ground and transfer it to the units that power the boiler systems in your house. This also requires very little electricity only for driving the pump and enabling heat extraction.

The connections ensure anti-vibration techniques and easy installation. The manufacturers have also taken servicing and the requirement of spare parts into account so that you can easily pair your units with the accessories of your choice.

Your Choices

Here’s a range of air-to-water Nibe heat pumps that cater to your residential needs.

Capacity 8.7 kW11.7 kW15.8 kW13.8 kW17.7 kW
Outdoor working temperature-20° C-20° C-20° C-25° C-25° C
Maximum heating temperature58° C58° C58° C65° C65° C
Warranty 12-24 months12-24 months12-24 months12-24 months12-24 months

NIBE F2040 Monobloc Heat Pump

Using outside air to heat up the insides of a house has never been easier. And this applies even to climatic conditions that record sub-zero temperatures. The Nibe F2040 heat pump does exactly that while powering radiators, underfloor heating and water heaters. This air-to-water heat pump is easy to install since it does not need any geothermal drilling.

It uses monobloc technology, instead of split air pumps. This means you get one unit which can be connected to your heating systems instead of splitting it between indoor and outdoor units.

The F2040 is a compact air-to-water heat pump that is controlled by an inverter. It adapts to your output needs throughout the year and allows for optimum savings. This Nibe heat pump works just fine even when the outdoor temperature drops to -20 degrees Celsius and gives up to 58 degrees Celsius in the supply line. It also cools effectively in the summer when outdoor temperatures are high. It is also equipped to adjust automatically to the weather outside without causing damage to the environment while you stay comfortable indoors.

It is made to blend in with your existing modules and comes with a self-regulating circulation pump. It has a friendly interface that lets you customise the experience at home.

It allows heating power in the 5-16 kW range. Keep in mind that Nibe heat pumps have some of the best COP levels in the market. COP or coefficient of performance is a ratio of heating and cooling provided by a machine with respect to the amount of work required.

This heat pump is made of hear-wearing materials so as to guarantee long shelf life in harsh weather. Its components make sure the output sound is low. The compressor control is impressively high at very low temperatures.

There are a variety of indoor modules that work well with the heat pump. Its energy label is A+++.


  • Very low noise levels.
  • The design is compact and allows it to blend in its environment.
  • Works well at -25° C temperature.
  • Has a built-in condense water tray.
  • Approved by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).
  • Compact design and a list of accessories to choose from.

Special Features

The condensate water that is produced after defrosting accumulates in a built-in tray. With the right accessory (KVR 10) you can collect it one to six metres away.

Since it is an inverter-based compressor, it does not consume too much power upon start-up. It starts slowly and gradually gains power so as to not interfere with the other electronics in your house.

It has an 8 motor and blade fan which focuses on conserving energy. The fan’s speed varies depending on the amount of air required to maintain set temperatures. All this with minimum noise.

NIBE F2300 Monobloc Heat Pump

The second model of Nibe heat pumps is also a monobloc air source. This was made particularly for commercial use in large properties. It has two air source outdoor units the F2300-14 and F2300-20. Like the F2040, this is also made to reduce noise levels to a minimum. The second one, F2300-20, prides itself on being one of the quietest units out there.

It works up to a maximum outdoor temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and even when the mercury drops to as low as -25 degrees Celsius.


  • F2300-20 is one of the quietest heat pumps in the market.
  • It is compatible with a great set of accessories.
  • Has a good range of maximum and minimum outdoor temperature while guaranteeing sustainability.

Special Features

One of the specialties of Nibe heat pumps is the set of accessories that come with the unit. The F2300, can be used with auxiliary relay HR 10. It is a connection box that has a contractor and a rotary selector switch. It can be used to control external loads like oil burners, pumps and immersion heaters when used with other indoor modules.

And like the F2040 model, this too is compatible with KVR 10, the accessory that allows you to safely collect condensation water away from the heat pump after defrosting.

Why Choose NIBE?


For one, it carries the legacy of environment-friendly Swedes. If you don’t care about that, how about the fact that it meets all legal requirements of cutting carbon emissions! These air-source heat pumps can reduce emissions up to 50% since it harvests all its energy from natural air and 0% fossil fuels. It also comes with a refrigerant that has low environmental impact.

Produces Energy

With every 1 kW of energy used, Nibe heat pumps produce 3 kW of energy. The company claims this could lead to a reduction of about 65% in the energy bills of some households.

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

These heat pumps are easy to install and maintain. They have been designed to be compact and you can place them discreetly in any part of your home. The outdoor units are made to weather most terrains. They are ready to use right after installation, which means they are pre-wired and pre-charged with the refrigerant.

Place Them Anywhere

The modules can be mounted on a wall or placed on a floor as they need no ventilation. The motor and blades of the fan are designed to make as little noise as possible.

RHI Payments

Depending on where you are placed, these air-to-water heat pumps can also earn you a quick buck through Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. The scheme offers to pay those who use eligible renewable heating systems for each unit of energy generated over a period of seven years.

According to Nibe’s estimates, a standard three-bedroom house could get @@ paid annually. That, of course, varies depending on the changes made to the scheme and the amount of energy generated by you.

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