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Products & Services SNICKERS NEW ALL-ROUND 37.5® INSULATED WORK JACKET Performance and comfort are integral features of this water-resistant, padded jacket Top athletes have long enjoyed the benefits of performance wear – now craftsmen and women can too. Snickers Workwear is one of the first manufacturers of working clothes to introduce 37.5® Technology into its clothing. As any athlete will tell you, when it comes to clothing, performance and comfort are closely linked. David Clark, MD of Snickers Workwear in the UK says “It’s proven that an athlete’s performance can improve by up to 26 per cent through the use of this advanced technology. So the same could be said of skilled craftsmen and women on site” This new 37.5® ALLROUND Insulated Work Jacket is just what the name suggests. A jacket that has all the features and functionality of the other Next Generation working clothes, but without the heavier weight fabrics. It’s a super-light, quick-drying garment that will keep you looking and feeling comfy wherever you are on site in colder weather. t: 01484 854788 check out or email [email protected] AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES ROLLER COMPACTED CONCRETE™ LAID ON THE LIVERPOOL2 PROJECT USING TITAN ABG Liverpool2 is a £400m investment programme by Peel Ports Group to expand and develop the Port of Liverpool to become the UK’s most central deep sea container terminal. The new deep water container terminal will be able to accommodate the largest deep-sea container vessels in the global fleet. Liverpool2 will allow global shippers ‘ship-todoor’ access to the UK’s major import centres via the most economic and lowest carbon route, and provide northern-UK-based exporters with a more competitive route to market. As a market leading specialist in the onsite production and paving of sustainable hydraulically bound and Roller Compacted Concrete mixtures, SiteBatch Technologies (an Aggregate Industries’ Contracting Service) was bought on board to help design and build a suitable pavement solution for the new extension. As well as the supply of asphalt and roller compacted concrete, Aggregate Industries is laying the pavement using unique Titan ABG heavy duty pavers. The paver is capable of laying mixtures up to 13m wide and 300mm thick in a single layer – double the width and thickness of any other paver available on the market in the UK. For more information e: [email protected] w: ANCON TEPLO REACHES NEW HEIGHTS Following recent fire tests at BRE Global, Ancon is pleased to confirm that its innovative basaltfibre, low thermal conductivity wall ties, Teplo-BF and Teplo-L, offer 120 minute fire resistance, making them suitable for buildings of any height (subject to structural performance), in line with Building Regulations, Approved Document B. Officially accepting the BRE’s findings, the BBA has confirmed that the fire resistance of these ties will be updated from 60 to 120 minutes in the next issue of Ancon’s Agrément Certificate (14/5160, PS2 and PS3). This extended fire testing brings to an end the previous 18 metre building height restriction on these Teplo ties. Teplo-BF and Teplo-L ties are now fully comparable with the fire resistance of stainless steel wall ties which, being non-combustible, are also suitable for buildings of any height. However, being 24 times more thermally efficient than stainless steel, Teplo ties are the ideal choice for insulated cavity walls in low energy buildings. Tel: 0114 275 5224, Email: [email protected], Web: SIMPSON-STRONG-TIE’S UNIQUE RACKING SOLUTION FOR TIMBER FRAME STRUCTURES Autumn 2016 sees the re-launch of Simpson-Strong-Tie’s unique racking solution for timber frame structures – new products, improved performance and increased availability. Since the launch of Strong-Portal and Strong-Wall, more than 400 timber framed homes have benefitted from increased build flexibility in terms of wider openings (and more of them), yet with none of the issues surrounding racking resistance that goes with them. • Easily integrated with the existing timber frame design. • Secures directly to the foundation and adjacent timber frame panels. • Easy to handle – no need for cranes or mechanical handling equipment. • No additional framework required, simply connect to the adjacent elements. • All fixings and adhesives are supplied with the system. The updated range features the all new Steel Strong-Portal, which can be attached to adjacent timber studs with ease, the Steel Strong-Wall has been modified to give increased performance and like the Steel-Strong- Portal, can be integrated into a standard timber frame design. The new catalogue is now available and can be downloaded at NEW VOC BARRIER PROVIDES FLEXIBLE PROTECTION FOR BROWNFIELD DEVELOPMENT The A Proctor Group has extended its range of ground gas protection products to include Protech VOC Flex, a new and innovative solution in membrane technology, specifically to make the development of brownfield sites safer and easier. Protech VOC Flex is a high performance 6 layer flexible proprietary reinforced VOC barrier suitable for use on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons. Aubrey Machin, Ground Protection National Technical Sales for the Group explains the need for the new membrane, “with the emphasis that is being placed on brownfield development, more is required from the systems that have traditionally been used for ground gas protection. We wanted to develop a new membrane that is designed specifically to meet the needs of these sites. Protech VOC Flex was designed as a Hydrocarbon and VOC membrane, as in our experience, these are typical of the type of contaminates present on many brownfield developments. However, continual testing enables us to provide not simply yet another hydrocarbon membrane, but a chemical barrier, which should be suitable against a whole range of contaminates.” “Previously the membranes which were recommended to provide protection for buildings were derived from landfill and industrial solutions, typically HDPEs of various thickness. The main problem with these membranes is that they are incredibly difficult to work with and detail, plus the misconception that HDPEs offer complete protection to VOCs when in reality the permeation rates are quite high as indicated in CIRIA C748. Therefore the main objective was to produce a new membrane, which is highly resistant to Hydrocarbon and chemical attack, plus strong and robust enough to survive the build process highlighted in BS8485 2015, and more importantly flexible enough to detail and install quickly and easily. Our initial projections are that it should be four times faster to install against traditional HDPEs. E: [email protected] Tel: +44 (0) 1250 872261 PROCHECK 300 PROTECTS NEW APARTMENTS FROM IMPACT OF MOISTURE Procheck 300 from the A. Proctor Group Ltd has been chosen as a high performance vapour control layer for three new apartment buildings on the site of the former Commonwealth Institute, to the south of Holland Park. The Holland Green development is grouped around the proposed new home of the Design Museum, and offers an outstanding space where residents can live amongst modern architecture in harmony with the beauty of a green park landscape. Global contractor Martifer Metallic Constructions installed 2,200m2, of aluminium curtain walling incorporating Procheck 300, a lightweight, reinforced, polyethylene, vapour control layer. Procheck 300 is a highly effective vapour control layer, for use within roof and wall constructions to prevent warm, moist air escaping from inside the building and condensing within the insulation. It has long been recognised that the correct management of moisture vapour within buildings is an important aspect of ensuring the longevity of not only the building fabric, but also the health of the occupants. The use of Procheck 300 reduces the risks of condensation, maintaining the highest level of moisture resistance throughout the apartment buildings, providing protection for many years to come. E: [email protected] Tel: +44 (0) 1250 872261 To advertise in the Products & Services section contact the Builder sales team on 0161 236 2782 35

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