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Secure Trade Credit are a specialist Surety Bond Broker to the Construction and Civil Engineering Sectors.

We help you obtain the bonds that are required under the contracts you win!

These can be:-



Using the Surety (Insurance Company) market for the provision of your bond requirements makes much more sense than using the bank as it keeps working capital facilities free.
We work closely with only the most highly rated and secure Surety Companies and do not use obscure offshore companies with dubious capabilities. In this way your Employer is reassured of your competence and professionalism.

We work with the client to identify their needs, which often means establishing a panel of Surety facilities to ensure sufficient headroom for all a clients bond requirements. We also advise and help with drafting bond wordings, trying to avoid, where possible, the use of “demand” bonds.
We also provide a service to Local Authorities and other Employers whereby we monitor the security of acceptable Surety Companies.

Call or e mail if you want to discuss how we can help your business to continue to grow! Contact: [email protected]
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