Feature Pyroguard Drives Fire Protection Efficiency Silverstone

Pyroguard FireDoor 60, the specialist fire door glazing product from CGI International, has been installed throughout the new Silverstone Wing, at the UK’s flagship racing circuit.

Specified as vision panels for fire doors, the slim 7mm profile of Pyroguard FireDoor 60 enabled CGI International glazing partner, Waller Glazing Services, to cut the product on-site and ultimately drive efficiencies with the site programme.

Installed as vision panels in over 50 doors throughout the new wing, Waller Glazing Services value engineered the original fire glass specification with Pyroguard FireDoor 60 – to achieve time, cost and labour savings as compared with the 11mm product usually specified for 60 minute applications.

Steve Waller, managing director, Waller Glazing Services, explained: “Speed of turn around and cost were two prevailing factors on this project. As a lighter and more cost effective product than 11mm glazing, Pyroguard FireDoor 60 was much quicker to install and at only 7mm thick, could be cut by hand on-site.”

Developed specifically for the UK fire door market, FireDoor 60 was the first 7mm laminated 60 minute fire safety glass which can be cut by hand. The product has test certification for use in Document M vision panels of 300mm (width) to 1400mm (height) and offers an impact safety rating of 3B3, sound reduction of up to 34dB in specific door systems and 87 percent light transmission.

Pyroguard FireDoor 60 offers the same advantages of standard Pyroguard – including UV stability, making it suitable for internal and external applications, as well as no edge taping.

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David Jolliffe, CGI International managing director, commented: “Since its launch, FireDoor 60 has rapidly become a popular specification for projects where speed of install and cost are major considerations. At Silverstone, FireDoor 60 proved that at only 7mm thick, it is much easier to handle and quicker to glaze. As innovators in fire glass solutions, we are committed to developing products that specifically address challenges facing specifiers and contractors – FireDoor 60 is an excellent example of this.”

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