Green Light For Leeds United Redevelopment

Three concrete pools at the 2012 Olympic Aquatics Centre are being tested with over 10 million litres of water, before being sealed and lined with 180,000 tiles.The aquatics dive pool and two 50m swimming pools are being tested for the Olympic Games. The facilities will also be open to the public after the games.

Work is also underway lining the unique 160m-long wave-shaped steel roof, which weighs more than 3,000 tonnes and rests on just three concrete supports. In the coming weeks cladding will start on the curving timber ceiling and work is continuing on the huge 250m and 45m-wide land bridge that forms the main walking access into the Olympic Park and the roof of the training pool.

The Aquatics Centre is on track to be complete in summer 2011 ready for Test Events and after the Games will provide two 50m swimming pools with moveable floors and separation booms, a diving pool and dry diving area for the full range of community and elite use.

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