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WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) and the RIBA have launched a new international open ideas competition to identify ways that construction waste can be reduced through design.The construction sector currently wastes £1.5 billion annually in unused materials and sends 25 million tonnes of waste to landfill every year. It’s clear that, as well as managing waste effectively, the best opportunities to reduce the cost and the environmental impact of waste, is through more effective planning for waste reduction. It is here that architects and designers have a clear role in making a real difference, by applying their creativity and skills in both designing sustainable and quality buildings, and also to reduce waste arising during the construction of the building itself.

The new competition ‘Designing out Waste’ seeks innovative and practical ways of reducing construction waste through design. Competitors will be tasked with developing design approaches in response to a project, from a choice of three project types commonly constructed in the UK. Post-competition, there is an intention to incorporate ideas generated in the entries (which will be duly credited) into case study resources available on the WRAP website for clients, contractors and other designers to share best practice.

The competition is open internationally under three eligibility categories: (a) qualified practising architects; (b) designers and qualified professionals from other construction-related disciplines and (c) students of design, architecture and other construction-related subjects. The submissions will be assessed anonymously and a total Design Fund of £20,000 (inclusive of VAT) will be available for distribution to a number of selected entries, at the discretion of the Jury Panel.

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Over 100 organisations, including major construction clients and contractors, have already signed up to WRAP’s Halving Waste to Landfill commitment, demonstrating the appetite in the industry to find, measure and report ways to reduce waste to landfill and this demand gives a clear signal that all parts of the construction supply chain, including designers and architects, have a part to play in reducing construction waste.

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