Awards News Cambridgeshire Busway Delays Cost Bam Nuttall £10m

Cambridgeshire county council has confirmed it has docked Bam Nuttall £10m to-date as the firm is now two years late completing construction of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.

The council has been deducting almost £14,000 a day in late delivery damages from BAM Nuttall since February 2009.

Following a recent cabinet meeting, senior councillors described BAM Nuttall’s latest delays as “unnecessary”.

The contractor has told council bosses all their major work is now complete.But the council claims the firm has left the submission of construction and design certificates until the last minute.

Both design and construction certificates are essential for the council to be confident that the scheme has been built correctly. The project manager, who is independent of both the council and BAM Nuttall, cannot certify the contract as complete until the most important certificates for the main structures have been received and are satisfactory.

According to the council, BAM Nuttall are yet to submit five construction and design certificates. The council says that a further 47 construction certificates, that had been previously been rejected also need to be resubmitted, and accepted, before the contract can be certified as complete.

Once Bam Nuttall complete the Busway contract they will have 28 days to fix all notified defects on the route.

The council is lining up a new contractor to fix the defects if Bam Nuttall misses the deadline. The costs of the work will be deducted from the contractor.

Roy Pegram, cabinet member for growth, infrastructure and strategic planning, said: “The Busway is not any longer, any wider or any higher than when the contract was awarded so it is clearly unacceptable that BAM Nuttall have taken two years longer than they should to build the route. Residents and everyone at the council would have rightly expected to see buses running a long while ago, but the contractor’s delays have directly resulted in £10m in damages being stripped from the firm.

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Although the timescale for BAM Nuttall completing the contract is in their hands, I would like to reassure people that the council has plans in place to get the route open as soon as possible once they finally achieve that. Clearly correcting the defective work is part of this process, which will take a number of weeks.”

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