About Us

The background of the two directors was different but complementary. Rafter was a sales director with a publishing company while Regan had extensive experience as a business journalist. The aim, from the very beginning, was quite simple: to build a great company with great products.

Excel Publishing quickly set new standards and continues to do so. In February 2013 Rafter took full control of the company when he bought out Regan and company chairman, Pat Quinn.

Great progress has been made but the company always believes its staff can deliver continuous improvement.

Being the biggest is not important. Being the best is. The company has grown significantly from the early days when it produced just a handful of magazines and now offers multi-media solutions on all our publications.

It has print, online, digital, events divisions. The company has diversified significantly in recent years and now lists design, content management and print, web development and design and app development within its ever expanding portfolio.

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