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Mabey Hire Services is a specialist manufacturer, supplier and contractor, providing a comprehensive range of modular and proprietary temporary works equipment for excavation support including sheeting and light piling bracing systems and trench box solutions as well as systems for formwork, falsework, refurbishment and temporary bridging.

The company offers the largest range of non-mechanical plant available in the UK and with 18 depots nationwide, including 3 Scottish depots operating as Murrayplant, Mabey Hire Services is also able to provide the best distribution network of any supplier in its category.

Mabey Hire Services may have only been around in its present form for little over a year however the original companies which merged in October 2009 held in some cases over 50 years experience in their own specific industry area and the new company is proud that this experience, knowledge of multiple disciplines and depth of resources allows them to offer a greater product range and better service for each and every one of its customers.

Even though the 2009 merger means that Mabey Hire Services’ already cover the entire UK very efficiently, they are dedicated to maintaining the forward momentum and are constantly looking at the suitability of their depot facilities and locations, resulting in the recent purchase of a new larger site in the north east of England, and the opening of a new site in Aberdeen.

Mabey Hire Services are constantly monitoring the depot situation and if they feel that there is a need to add extra space to one of the depots or if they can provide specific coverage by having a more localised depot in another part of the country then their commitment is to do so, precedence is given to the ability to provide the best level of service and accessibility for customers.

It is not only being located near customers, but working closely with them that Mabey Hire Services prioritises. Working with customers and interacting with them as partners rather than “just another hire” is top of their value commitment, this allows Mabey Hire Services to build up the long term relationships that they value and to foster a mutual understanding between their teams and their customers allowing them to support each project in the method that is most suitable for the individual clients needs.

What really differentiates Mabey Hire Services from any potential competitor is the quality of their engineering teams and the service this allows them to extend to their customers. This specialist-engineering department can offer assistance in a variety of areas, including for example, the design and detailing of even the most demanding schemes, regardless of the clients status as a one man independent or the largest in the industry.

Mabey Hire Services engineers are located at nine different depot locations throughout the UK to support each clients project with an engineer who has local knowledge, for local conditions resulting in detailed, speedy and cost effective solutions for all.

The knowledge and skill of the Mabey Hire Services Engineers is not only openly accessible to their customers for individual projects but is also heavily invested within the companies rolling programme of new product development (NPD) ensuring that every product surpasses the stringent technical requirements and are the best available on the market.

The companies NPD team is an amalgamation of various departments working alongside engineering to assess market requirements and new innovations allowing educated decisions to be made on the products that will be the biggest benefit to customers both potential and pre existing.

Mabey Hire Services first choice for NPD is to manufacture in house allowing them a better level of investigation of the market requirements and allowing a solution to be formed that really answers a customers specific need rather than just buying in some proprietary product from a third party. Here again the companies commitment to their customers and their relationship is evident with feedback and requests from customers being paramount in the initial stages of the NPD process and even through to customer trials, demonstrations and reviews before a launch to ensure that the new product is the best solution possible.

Safety is at the heart of Mabey Hire Services and always will be, and an example of this, combined with the knowledge and skill of its NPD team and the companies dedication to the understanding of market requirements, is the recent development of class leading temporary edge protection and access systems providing their customers with a safe working environment around open excavations.

Deliberately staying clear of a “fits all” solution covering both sheeted and boxed excavations, which in reality have differing characteristics, the NPD team, including engineering and sales worked closely with selected customers to develop twin systems tailored perfectly to sheeting and box excavations separately, allowing the functionality of both styles to be optimised for the individual working site conditions.

For boxed excavations a simple system of access platform and barrier style edge protection were designed to fit all panel Mabey Hire Services box panels. The access platform, with the ability to be secured with the ladder at either the right hand or left hand orientation, and primary and secondary restraint gates and the barrier panels are both manhandleable and allow a rapid installation reducing the site teams downtime.

Unlike boxed excavations which guarantee a level surface for the systems to be fixed to an excavation using sheeting and light piling is more tricky, with the inability to guarantee that all sheeting and light piling will be able to be driven exactly level due to ground conditions, rock etc but still with the inherent need to ensure barriers and access can be fixed solidly to protect the workforce. Unlike boxed excavations, sheeted excavations also have the added obstacle of individual bracing systems, the dimensions of which vary depending on the solution used and the supporting strength required.

With these key issues in mind the Mabey Hire Services engineers and NPD team worked to deliver a safety system for sheeted excavations that while similar to the one developed for boxes, actually addressed the difficulties inherent in sheeted excavations and the key issues concerning their market.

The company’s answer to none level driven sheeting? Develop a barrier system that uses posts with a floating collar allowing the barrier panels to be fixed at different heights at different points around an excavation with no break in the barrier formation, made even easier for site workers by manufacturing it in a highly durable yet lightweight crimped mesh.

Access and egress via a ladder over different widths of bracing system? A variable depth cantilever platform which can be set at 50mm increments to span bracing systems up to 600mm in depth, which covers all of the bracing systems on offer from Mabey Hire Services. The company are even happy to preset this at the dispatching hire depot to fit a projects requirements allowing a quick and easy installation onsite.

Both elements of the company’s sheeting safety offering, have also been developed to fix securely to any sheeting up to 12mm in thickness including larssen piles and to facilitate the efficient progression of a project with the simplicity of installation that comes from a team of top engineers with a full and unequivocal understanding of the task at hand, the market requirements and true live site conditions.

Mabey Hire Services dedication to safety does not stop with the design and development of a product or even the design and provision of a bespoke project solution, they ensure all equipment on their fleet is subject to the legal testing with a regularity that exceeds what is required by law, not only to meet their own selfimposed standards but equally for the heightened reassurance and safety of their customers.

The company also ensures the provision or clear and precise guidance on using their equipment on site, through illustrated user and installation guides to promote best practice.

Mabey Hire Services believe that by combining an excellent engineering service and the best customer service, they can further strengthen their market position. Through continued training and continued personal development they are committed to a maintaining the forward momentum which sees the company, and its product range at the forefront of the industry.

For further information contact: Web: Tel: 0845 741 3040

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